Our Services


Along with our mainstream recruitment service, we also provide the below additional services to more comprehensively cover your needs.

1) Account Manager

We will appoint an experienced recruiter as a point of contact for you to liaise with for all your management queries. Our recruiters have built a good reputation in the market with several Trusts and hundreds of candidates as their first port of call for all requirements.

2) The Triple West Medical Database

We currently have a database of over 5000 doctors, including Senior House Officers, Staff Grades and Consultants. Some available only on annual leave, some for long term contracts and others only for weekend work.

3) Advertising

Our database increases by approximately 400 doctors per month; which we achieve through our unique and cutting edge marketing infrastructure which helps us attract doctors from all over the world.

4) Referral and Head Hunting

We offer a referral fee of up to £500* for every doctor referred to us that we subsequently place; this incentivises our current doctors to advertise on our behalf through word of mouth. 

We target highly qualified individuals such as Senior Staff Grades or Consultants within the country. We then approach them on behalf of our clients to see if we can offer them an opportunity to move to one of our clients for better pay, for nicer locations, or for better commutability, etc.

5) Foreign Suppliers

We have the capability to attract able candidates from abroad via affiliated suppliers that we have agreements with. Currently we have suppliers in South Africa, Portugal, Italy, Lithuania, Germany, Southern Ireland and Poland. 

These suppliers work with us in locating candidates which we have serious shortages for in the UK. One of our experienced recruiters manage control over vetting and screening the candidates, as well as doing the needed compliance checks to ensure that the doctors meet the NHS Code of Practice guidelines.

6) Permanent Staffing

Triple West Medical can advertise on your behalf in the UK and abroad to attract permanent candidates for your department. We will manage the whole process from vetting CV's to conducting telephone interviews. Ensuring that your Consultants and Clinical Directors do not waste time vetting several unsuitable CV's and by interviewing unsuitable candidates; we will ensure that the candidates coming for face to face interviews will meet your minimum criteria. In addition, by tapping into our resources abroad, we will maximise the exposure of the adverts that we place on your behalf.

7) Locum Rotation Contract

An innovative staffing solution utilised successfully by Triple West Medical in managing long term vacancies on behalf of clients, and using UK based substantive doctors to cover in rotation the whole term of their contract whilst they are on leave. 

Example - 6 month vacancy filled by 'Locum Rotation' 

Month 1 - Substantive Doctor 1 on leave for 1 month
Month 2 - Substantive Doctor 2 on leave for 1 month
Month 3 - Substantive Doctor 3 on leave for 1 month
Month 4 - Substantive Doctor 4 on leave for 1 month
Month 5 - Substantive Doctor 5 on leave for 1 month
Month 6 - Substantive Doctor 6 on leave for 1 month

By applying this method we ensure that quality UK doctors are continuously working through the duration of the requirement.

8) Master Vendor Process

To ensure the best scope of staffing for your Trust, Triple West Medical will work on a 3 tier based supplier process to go out to other agencies on your behalf in order to resource suitable candidates. This process will again be managed by the Account Manager, and the tier-based agencies will be judged against quality, delivery and costing. The hierarchy of which will be formulated on a percentage-based costing strategy ensuring that cost is not increased due to margins for the supplier agencies. We will endeavour to run the process in full transparency ensuring honesty and reliability in delivery.

9) Temp to Perm Placements

We can also attract doctors without UK experience as a permanent solution by first offering them a 3 month trial contract which ensures two things:

1) The candidate gets to see first hand how the NHS really works and can gauge their own suitability for permanent work in the UK. 
2) The Hospital can see first hand whether the doctor would be a good fit to employ on a permanent basis. 

In addition, Triple West Medical also works closely with overseas universities and hospitals allowing us to employ some of the top medical Consultants and practitioners available to our clients.

*subject to terms and conditions