About Triple West Medical

Who are we

Triple West Medical was set up by 3 very successful recruiters within the UK healthcare industry who saw a gap in the market for a new and dynamic approach to doing business in the medical recruitment industry. Where most agencies are still stuck in the past and cannot cope with the rapid changes in the NHS, Primary Care and Private Health Sectors, Triple West Medical has found a way to thrive.

Our business strategy is split into two: internal and external. Internally we focus on two main objectives; one to provide a comprehensive and relevant training program, to ensure that our team is well trained in meeting your needs and to ensure that our company ethos is echoed in every aspect of our business from the ground up, and two, to invest a lot of time and money to ensure that we use the latest state of the art web and recruitment technology to ensure that our business is continuously moving forward in becoming more efficient in attracting & retaining clients and candidates. 

Externally we focus on results, as we realise that nothing means more then delivery. We always aim to under promise and over deliver, thus ensuring that our clients and candidates never have unrealistic promises made to them. We strongly believe that the ‘proof is in the pudding’ and we realise that the only way we would be of any real use to you is if we deliver. So what are you waiting for, give us a try.

Why we are different

We offer a complete range of Medical staffing solutions; from Contract to Permanent, from UK Doctors to Specialized Medical Professionals abroad. Our modus operandi is to offer the best staffing solution through in-depth understanding of our client objectives; adapt to the ever-changing culture of the healthcare industry and match the career aspirations of our candidates to offer them progression and satisfaction. 

We aim to forge long term relationships with our candidates and clients from the first call, by offering true transparency in the service we deliver and by listening and adapting to the needs of our clients and candidates. 

Within the Company we ensure that all our recruiters are of the highest calibre by providing an intensive 3 month training program to all our new recruits. We ensure that, before our recruiters get on the phone to you, they know the necessary standards of compliance within the industry, completely understand the internal processes of Triple West Medical to ensure speed and quality in our delivery, and are ready and able to meet the expectations of the medical recruitment industry. 

Triple West Medical combines a wealth of experience in the medical recruitment sector, with innovative recruitment processes and the latest computerised technology to deliver outstanding response times to our clients’ requirements, and ensure that we remain one step ahead of our competitors. We continuously monitor feedback from our candidates and clients in order to perfect our own methods and subsequently our delivery. Our unique marketing infrastructure allows us to recruit the best doctors from across the UK and selected parts of Europe. This ensures that where our competitors try their best and fail, Triple West Medical succeeds.

Our Process

All Triple West Medical candidates are put through an initial telephone interview, fully vetted according to the NHS Code of Practice and are allocated a specific point of contact for all their needs. Triple West Medical has a strict and thorough recruitment structure to ensure that we understand the need of our candidates and always get them exactly what they want. 

With our clients, we always offer a true account management service with total transparency and honesty. We understand that we are in the business of providing patient care and, as such, put quality and compliance at the top of our priorities. Our ‘after placement’ service is very extensive, continuously keeping in contact with the client and candidate and always taking on board feedback to improve our service.


Company Registration Number - Registered in England No 6338025

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